Activities at Sepik, The Highlands & The Sepik

Activities at Sepik

You can cruise the middle Sepik aboard the quaint Sepik Spirit, a slow house-boat. In addition, Kilibobo Spirit is available primarily for charter, though it doesn’t have a schedule. On special occasions, the ship operates expeditionary cruises to the Sepik and the PNG Islands. West Sepik or Sandaun Province is near the West Papua (Irian Jaya) border and is inhospitable terrain. It is home to the Upper Sepik people who move around in long, narrow dugout canoes. Travel is always difficult as there are no roads and the rivers are narrow.

The centers are Vanimo and Amanab and villages around here have strong religious beliefs centered on deities that are believed to hold supernatural powers that are vital for survival in this remote and dense countryside.

East Sepik is the middle and lower region from Angoram to Wewak town. There are a number of large rubber and cocoa plantations along the river flats. Wewak is an attractive palm-fringed town, which felt the might of Japanese troops who ‘discovered’ its isolation and its hidden ports around Kairiuru Island. Many war memories remain around the plantations and a Japanese gun still points from the eastern end of the island.


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