The Islands Cuisine, The Islands

The Islands Cuisine

The Islanders don’t put much spice into their food. This might suit westerners whose stomachs don’t agree well with spicy food. The Islanders cook their food in an underground oven called Mumu, with the typical islander meal consists of rice, meat, and vegetables. They also use many types of tubers in their food such as taro, sweet potato, cassava, and yams.

Alcohol is available on the islands though it is quite expensive. Many types of alcohol are available but we recommend that you stick to beer. The most popular brands are local ones such as like SP beer (South Pacific beer), it is quite decent in taste. If you want something international, don’t worry. Many New Zealand and Australian brands are available. There is a local moonshine called stem but don’t drink it even if someone gives it to you for free.


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