Transportation, Papua New Guinea


papua new guinea port moresby loloata island resort speedboatMost of Papua New Guinea is mountainous terrain. There are very few private cars and the most popular way to travel around is by public motor vehicle. Traveling is very cheap but the only drawback is these vehicles are very crowded.

Finding these public vehicles are relatively simple. You just have to turn up at the spot. The vehicle will usually wait till it is full and they won’t move for you or anyone. Some places are covered only once a day especially the rural areas. So make sure that you know when the transport is arriving (or leaving). Otherwise, you will be stuck for another day.

Traveling at night is not recommended in Papua New Guinea. But if you do need to travel at night, do so with people you trust. Women should sit with other women and must get in from the front of the bus. This is the convention. Sometimes, seats are reserved for women. If there is one and if there is a man sitting on it, you can ask the conductor to help you procure that seat.

Usually, there will be two staff members on the private vehicles – the driver and the conductor. You have to pay the fare to the conductor. Sometimes, he won’t give you the change back instantly. Don’t forget to ask it from him, when the journey ends or when you have reached the stop.


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