Exploring Samoa, Samoa

Exploring Samoa

samoa-diving-into-manus-island-harborSamoa is filled with places to explore – national parks, waterfalls, blowholes, caves, lava fields, traditional villages, beaches, and museums. In Savai’i, for instance, you can explore a kilometer long cave called The Dwarves Cave or a lava cave near Letui village called Peapea Cave. Alofaaga blowholes, which are near Taga (a village) are a must see. From Paia Village, a three hour long walk will take you to the lava fields of Mt. Matavanu. For history and archeology buffs, there is an attraction called Pulumelel Ancient Mound, which is Polynesia’s largest ancient structure. You can also visit the lava fields of Sale’aula as well as the Falealupo and the Tafua Rainforest Preserves.

In Upolu, the Lake Lanoto’o National Park is a good place to visit; it is home to a rare swamp forest ecosystem. If you are looking for beaches, then you must go to Lalomanu. In Apia, you can find the house and grave of Robert Louis Stevenson. Apia also houses the Museum of Samoa. Mt. Fito is Samoa’s highest mountain, having an altitude of 1100 m. The mountain is located in a national park called O Le Pupu-Pui. Other attractions include Piula cave pool and Manono Island.


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