Things to do at Samoa, Samoa

Things to do at Samoa

In Apai, at 6 in the morning of every Sunday, a fish market materializes. In this market, locals buy fish for the toano’i. A visit to the fish market can be quite an experience. When in Samoa, do go and see a “fia fia”, which literally means happy, and which Samoans construe as partying. During a fia fia, you get to witness traditional dancing, music and singing, drumming, as well as the fire-knife dance. Apia also has a flea market and a new market; both of them sell local handicrafts. Snorkeling and fishing are also good activities to undertake while in Apia.

In Savai’i, you can swim with turtles in the Satoalepal turtle reserve. If you are an experienced surfer, then beaches in Savai’i are good places to surf. You can also try your hand at diving. You can try surfing and diving in Upolu as well; note again that you should be an experienced surfer to try surfing in these waters. One other thing that you can partake in when in Upolu is golf – there are a couple of courses near Apia.


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