Shopping in Honiara, Honiara

Shopping in Honiara

Shopping in Honiara is confined to traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. NPF Plaza, close to the museum is a good place to buy these products. Some shops near the Mendana Hotel sell woven baskets. Wooden handicrafts are sold near Rain Tree Cafe. You can also get the items from Central Market, traders from all over the island come here to sell their wares.

Coconut oil is also a very popular product. The villages around Honiara produce good quantities of virgin coconut oil which is transported to Honiara, for processing or shipping. The oil can be used for cooking, to make oil lamps, to make cosmetics or as a conditioner for your hair. Excellent quality virgin coconut oil is available at Koconut Pacific, close to the Melanesian Art Building at Point Cruz (Honiara port). Another interesting thing to buy is natural sea sponge. These can be used for bathing or washing up. It is said that they are very comfortable and soft on the skin.

There are also many casinos in Honiara, if you want to try your luck at gambling. We recommend the Pacific Casino Hotel, Honiara Casino or Supreme Casino.


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