Transportation in Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands

Transportation in Solomon Islands

There are many ways of getting to the country with flights being the fastest and most popular mode of transport for travelers. You can fly and to and from anywhere in the world to the Solomon Islands, except Fiji, which suspended connections due to a dispute. The international airport is located just 8 kilometers outside the capital city of Honiara.

You can also take cruise ships to the Islands. However, these cruises are part of packages and are not be used as a one-way transport to the country. There are canoes and boats that can be hired to travel from Papua New Guinea to Solomon Islands, although safety concerns are high in these services.

While in the country, Solomon Airlines offers domestic flights connecting all the major islands and cities in the archipelago. You might need to book flights in advance if you have a very tight schedule for your trip in the country.

Boats ad ships are the most commonly used form of transport by locals in the country. You can take a ship from island to island. The ships are basic but have washrooms, snacks, and beverages on board. 360 Discovery, Pelican Express, and Fair Glory are some of the services that offer ferry and transport services between various islands.


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