Things to Consider, Vanuatu

Things to Consider

Being in the southern hemisphere, Vanuatu’s seasons are flipped around from what most visitors from North America, Europe, and Asia are accustomed to. The weather is largely humid and warm. Islands in the south tend to be slightly cooler and less humid. The temperature dips a between June and August when winter sets in. While its tropical climate means you can visit it virtually all year round, do check for cyclone forecasts before you visit. The rains arrive in November and last all the way until March.

The local currency is called Ni-Vanuatu Vatu. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted in larger towns and bigger hotels.

Visitors from certain countries do not require a visa to enter Vanuatu. Do check the latest Vanuatu Immigration Authorities to see if your country is on the list. Depending on the duration of the visit, nationals of a few additional countries are exempt from needing a visa. Visitors Permits on arrival are made available for those traveling for tourism, business or to meet the family. You will need a confirmed onward/return ticket as well as proof of funds to support your stay, in addition to a valid passport.

In a case of medical emergencies, you can meet with doctors at the private or public hospitals in Vanuatu. Carry any prescription medication that you take as well as adequate quantities of antibiotics if you are unwell at the time of departure from your home country.


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