Cuisine in Manila

If you’re visiting the Philippines, it is recommended that you explore the varied cuisines of its’ different regions. But if you’re particularly in the northern part of Philippines in Luzon, try the cuisine of the Ilocos region where the most popular dish is a plate of mixed vegetables that are flavored with the addition of bagoong or fermented fish instead of salt. This Ilocano delicacy is famously called pinakbet.

The Kapampangan cuisine is quite popular in central Luzon, particularly the Sisig dish. It is cooked using various portions of the liver and head of a pig. It is put in vinegar before being seasoned with calamansi and chili.

A very popular Manila dish is the fresh variety of lumpia which is a little similar to a spring roll with some elements of a burrito. It is huge and packed with meat, peanuts, lettuce and a bit of coconut. You get the option of a sweet sauce or vinegar on the side!