This Bali Resort Takes Luxury To A Whole New Level

One of the coolest things you’ll see all season is this hotel in Bali. The part, is that it’s not that pricey, depending on when you stay there. The value for money and sheer “WOW” factor are incredible.

Perched 70 metres above sea level on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsula with unrivalled panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Banyan Tree Ungasan has one of the most amazing spots in the world. From this view, it looks like you’re sitting on top of a tropical paradise.

This is how we like to holiday!

Sunset are special here because of these two amazing things

  • The location of the pool is perfectly aligned with the sunsetting in from a 90 degree angle, so you get the most sunlight from the resort.



  • From inside the resort you can see an extended sunset for 1 hour after ‘dark’




These two features make the sunset’s seem to last for hours and because of the tropical climate, the temperature is perfect for a relaxing event by the pool or a meal where the sunset lasts the entire time. We haven’t found any other place like this in the world. If you’re really into sunsets or ambiance, being strategic about what rooms you book is beneficial here.

From a large majority of their rooms, the sunset is visible, but there are a few rooms where the combination of the deck and pool make it look infinity, and for a three hour sunset, that makes it worth while. Here’s our favorite facing room during the best lighting of the day.



If you’re going on a special holiday, you’ll want to stay in their Honeymoon suite. Here’s why…






As an additional resource, the resort has a ton of things for you to do while visiting.

Check out these luxury couple activities…

  • Eat on the side of a cliff
  • Spa like nowhere else on earth
  • BBQ inside your villa with a private chef
  • Exclusive resort-only photo stops for special occasions
  • Bath set up with oils, champagne and more
  • Balinese yoga at sunset
  • Cliff diving and swimming in the Indian Ocean
  • Have fun at a Moroccan bar
  • East seafood you caught from the Indian ocean


Our favorite is probably the fine dining on the cliff face, or in room BBQ. You can actually have someone come and bring all the supplies and cook for you in your villa, at a reasonable price.



The resort also offers cooking classes, private tours and basically any kind of luxury service you can imagine. If you want to see more, check out their virtual tour. This resort is one of a kind and re-claiming luxury as a personalized experience specifically built for each guest that visits. The villas are tucked away and arranged so it feels like a private retreat.

If you’re wanting to head to Bali, we’ve seen some really great prices from New York, Perth, Sydney and Los Angeles.

palau pacific development inc

Pacific Development Inc.

PDi Saipan provides an ideal way to discover the natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and warm island-style hospitality of Saipan, Tinian and Rota renown for its rich flora and fauna, historical sites and beautiful beaches.

A pioneer company in the CNMI’s tourism industry for over 30 years, PDi Saipan provides excellent services and offers an authentic and personal experience where you are invited to discover the nature, history, culture and welcoming people of these spectacular islands.

Discover paradise

You can choose or develop a personal tour designed around your interests and level of adventure. PDi also provides tours to English, Chinese, Korean and other international groups as well. Choose from overnight or day tour packages to Tinian and Rota, diving the grotto, snorkelling around the coral gardens or visiting the WWII sites. PDi Saipan can reserve hotel rooms for various hotels in Saipan, Tinian and Rota and can conveniently handle air transfer arrangements. PDi can also accommodate special requests such as local-style weddings, and local dance performances and provides services to visiting cruise ships as well as ships that want to visit the island of Pagan and Maug the last of the northern island frontiers.

PDi Saipan works closely with the local community to promote the unique local culture in CNMI, and also caters for cultural and school exchanges, homestay programs and have been taking care of WWII veterans and families since 1991. For an authentic island experience learning about the Chamorro and Carolinian culture, look no further than PDi Saipan.

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hawaii done tours

DONE Tours Hawaii

hawaii done tours

Aloha and welcome to DONE Tours Hawaii.

Unique personalised tours

Renowned for highly entertaining, interactive and knowledgeable tours, DONE Tours Hawaii offers unique private and personalised tour services in Oahu. DONE Tours is unlike any other tour company, with tours that are especially customised for you allowing you to truly enjoy Hawaii at your own pace. Never mind the hustle and bustle of group tours, let DONE Tours show you their island the way they see it…stunningly gorgeous. Local passionate guides Experience Hawaii’s rich culture and history with extremely knowledgeable, professional staff who are ready to embark on an adventure. Local guides are passionate about their island home, and passionate about their guests.

Embark on an adventure

Perhaps you’d like to start the day as most of the locals do, with a nice stand-up paddle session, or embark on a hiking adventure to a secret waterfall location or Diamond Head for gorgeous views over Honolulu, Makapu’u and its stunning cliffs. Enjoy a snorkelling adventure and see some Hawaiian turtles, tropical fish, beautiful reefs, and maybe a dolphin or two. When you come back to land, cruise the North Shore for some good eats and great culture. Private airport transfers are also available. Let professional staff greet you and your loved ones with a flower lei and escort you directly to your hotel without the hassle of stopping at 20 different hotels.

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m dolphins large 1

Dolphins Pacific – Undersea Wonders

Palau is known for its undersea wonders and Dolphin Bay is nestled amongst beautiful rock islands just minutes via boat from the main town of Koror.

Dolphins Pacific’s philosophy has three major aims – environmental education, a facility where everyone can have fun and to develop tourism in Palau. The centre believes in the importance of environmental education and the facility provides world-class educational lectures for the children of Palau that are incorporated in school programs.

With tourism the main industry in Palau, new ventures are vital to its economy and the dolphin centre hopes to attract even more tourists through its wide-ranging programs. There are several opportunities to learn about and interact with the dolphins including diving with them in their natural habitat.

The Close Encounter is approximately a one-hour program that includes an educational tour of Dolphin Bay with a lecture about the ecology of dolphins and the importance of preserving the environment. Guests will be directed to a platform where they will begin interacting with the dolphins.

Dolphin dives allow you to enjoy the magnificent underwater wonders of Palau with dolphins, using a scuba tank. Dolphin lovers can even be married at a one-of-a-kind ceremony at Emerald Lagoon. The staff will arrange various dolphin performances for you and your friends to celebrate your special day.

Dolphins Pacific invites you into their world – a world of wonder and learning with these playful mammals.

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