General Overview of Fiji Islands, Fiji

General Overview of Fiji Islands

Going To Fiji

Flights to Fiji land at 15 public airports in the Fiji islands, including Nadi International Airport, Fiji’s main air hub and gateway to international flights, and Nausori International Airport, which serves domestic flights. 85 over flights land at Nadi on a weekly basis. From there, most offshore islands are within minutes’ to an hour’s flight away.

Accommodation in Fiji

Fiji provides a spectrum of luxury hotels, resorts, and villas, to bures (traditional thatched roof houses that channel an authentic Fijian ambiance) with modern amenities, cottages, lodges, townhouses and serviced apartments. Budget resorts offer scenic views comparable to mid-range counterparts, with great locations all over the islands.

Adults- and couples-only resorts are perfect for honeymooners or those on a romantic getaway. Denarau, in particular, is a major tourism complex with luxury options. Resorts with child-friendly facilities and childcare services allow parents to get the respite the seek while on vacation. Those who favor the great outdoors can head to the campsites on Seashell Cove Resort, Tukutuku, Colo I Suva and Nukulau.

Getting around Fiji

Buses are the main way to travel between towns on the larger islands of Fiji, with extensive bus routes on Fiji’s larger islands providing cheap and reliable transport. In rural areas, buses are simply hailed as they pass. Metered cabs operate all over the country, even in rural or semi-rural areas.

Hop on one of Fiji’s inter-island ferries to travel around the principal islands. A robust infrastructure of docks and airfields connect people, goods, and services throughout the island’s resorts through ferries, helicopters, and seaplanes. Car rentals in Fiji are another common option but do take note that cars drive on the left side of the road and foreign or international driving permits have a six-month validity period.

Fijian Currency 

Fiji’s currency is the Fijian dollar. Do note that tipping is not encouraged. Resorts and hotels accept all major credit cards. Bargaining is acceptable at bazaars and markets.

Entry Requirements

All visitors to Fiji require a valid passport/travel document with minimum validity of six months beyond the period of intended stay. Visa requirements vary for different countries of origin so be sure to check here.

Fiji Weather & Climate

With a tropical marine climate, Fiji’s weather is warm throughout the year with minimal seasonal changes. The might be heavy showers and even cyclonic storms, particularly during the December to April period. Light summer attire is advisable, especially during the dry season from March to November.


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