Hawaii’s Cuisine, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Cuisine

Going To Hawaii

Many airlines, including low-cost carriers, have non-stop flights to Honolulu from most major airports in the United States. The island of Oahu is where most US and international flights land in Honolulu. You will need to book an inter-island flight if you’d like to go to a Neighbour Island (anything outside Oahu). You can also travel between islands on a Hawaiian cruise ship.

Accommodation in Hawaii

Backpackers, couples and families will be pleased with the wide array of Hawaii accommodation options located all over the Islands. From 5-star luxury hotels to condos and hotels, there is definitely an option for every budget. Campsites are also available in National, State, City, and County Parks. The rise of ecotourism, which promotes sustainable tourism activities to conserve Hawaii’s natural resources, has spawned many eco-lodges and resorts where you can be assured of an environmentally friendly stay in Hawaii.

Getting around Hawaii

You are advised to plan for at least a three-week long stay if you want to visit all the Islands. Make the best of your sightseeing time by flying domestic. You could also book a helicopter sightseeing tour to explore the otherwise inaccessible parts of Hawaii. Charter boats and cruises sail between some islands as well. A ferry connects Lanai, Molokai, and Oahu to Maui.

On land, limousines, cabs, and coaches are easily available. Oahu is the only island with an extensive island-wide bus service route. Vehicle rentals are available but not necessary in Honolulu due to its established public transport system. Do be careful when driving at night, as roads between towns can be narrow and poorly lit. For those who prefer to go off the beaten path, you can hire a bike and start exploring smaller towns.

Hawaiian Currency 

The Hawaiian currency is the US Dollar. Tips up to around 15 percent in restaurants and 10 percent in taxis are expected. Generally, tour guides also appreciate a few dollars of gratuity per person.

Entry Requirements

Visitors to Hawaii require a valid passport or valid travel document with sufficient validity. Anyone entering Hawaii directly from a different country needs to meet the same entry requirements for the United States. Visa requirements vary for different countries of origin, so be sure to check here. To apply, face-to-face interviews with a US embassy or consulate is mandatory for nearly all nationalities, except for those from the 38 countries within the Visa Waiver Program, Canadians, Mexicans holding a Border Crossing Card, Caymanian, Bermudians, Turks and Caicos Islanders with British Overseas Territories passports.

Hawaii Climate

Year-round temperatures are similar in the Islands, ranging from 18°C to 30°C. The weather is appropriate for summer clothes and you should probably also throw on a few layers of sunscreen for good measure, when at the beach. Do later up for mountain hikes as it can get quite chilly in the highlands. It is common for the weather in Hawaii to vary even over short distances. Travelers should take note of the wetter season that runs from October to March.


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