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About Honiara, Solomon Islands

Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, which is situated on Guadalcanal, has a population of around 130,200 and is located on a coastal stretch overlooking Iron Bottom Sound.

The town centre has a shopping plaza, cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops and, of course, the Central Markets. Major meeting places can be found in private clubs that welcome visitors.

The Mataniko Falls, a two-hour walk from Honiara, has pools for swimming and an impressive stalagmite-covered cave which is home to vast numbers of swallows.

Climb Mount Austin, passing Solomon Peace Memorial Park, for sweeping views of the northern coastal plains. Other historic sites include the Red Beach on the coastal plain.

East of Tenaru is the Tenaru Falls, an impressive 60-metre waterfall. And situated in a westerly direction from Honiara town is Bonegi Beach, five kilometres west of Poha. At the eastern end of Guadalcanal is Marau Sound, a coral paradise. Here there are huge reefs of coral in unique and beautiful shapes which are home to a teeming array of tropical fish and fascinating sea life. There are also giant clams and some of the world’s rarest sea shells.

About 250 kilometres south of Guadalcanal is Rennell Island. On the south side of the island, the large Lake Tengano contains some 200 tiny coral atolls and is home to a prolific bird population. Access to the lake is by tractor, canoe and jungle walk.

The Florida Islands are the closest island group to Guadalcanal and was the pre-war Solomon capital of Tulagi. It was turned into a navy shipbuilding and repair facility during the war.

Savo Island is a cloud-shrouded place, and its waters house the graves of at least four ships that were sunk during the Battle of Savo. Today it is an ideal picnic spot and a divers’ paradise with its sunken ships, sleepy villages and magnificent crystal-clear waters.

Where to Stay

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