How to dress when the temperature is soaring…!

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Planning your outfit every morning is hard enough on a normal day, however when the temperature is soaring and you are expecting to turn into a frizzed, bloated, sweaty mess in the midst of the day, the job becomes 100% harder.

The idea is to gain the maximum amount of “breeziness” in your outfit, starting with your shoes. Opt for a comfortable and chic open toed sandal but make sure they are broken-in and don’t pinch, blisters are not conducive to an effortless look.

The most important rule for that blistering heat and one that is often dismissed is, bigger is better. Try a loose kaftan or shirt as pictured (our Lisa Maree Symbol of Simplicity cotton Kaftan in black), this will allow the air to circulate, a tight crop or shorts tend to add to the sweat factor.

Sweat stains, the elephant in the room. Avoid sweat stains by wearing a mesh cotton or a style with low scoop arms, like our “Escape the Truth” crochet one piece swimsuit under a pair of pants or shorts. The knit won’t show any sweat and the open back will give you an overall coolness from the top down. Always opt for darker colours, to hide the shvitz!

Layering. It may seem like a winter option, however layering in summer is actually key. We’ve done so in the below image in all white using our ‘Escape the Truth’ crochet one piece. Layering allows movement, in summer your’ll find one piece will stick and tug and you’ll be constantly counter-tugging and adjusting your outfit. Layering allows movement and also the option of removing layers if need be.

Natural Fibres! Anything synthetic will start the sweat. Stick to cotton and natural fibres that are on the loose side to allow your body to breathe and add movement.

Swim tops are made to keep you cool! When the thermometer is rising use a swim top as a bustier or crop paired back with a high waist skirt or pants. It’s not work appropriate but on a casual date night or a weekend hang, this can be an incredibly smart option!

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A six-hour flight from Sydney and you’re landing in Rarotonga the largest of fifteen islands in the Cook Islands and it’s only 32 kilometres in circumference.


World famous cobalt coloured lagoon

Rimmed with coconut palmed fringed white sandy beaches and reefs full of azure coloured water.

Locals tell you when you arrive all watches should be discarded and instantly get reset onto Cook Island time.

Getting around the island is quite simple there is one road and a bus leaves five minutes past the hour in a clockwise direction and fifteen minutes past the hour another bus goes in an anti-clockwise direction.


Local fruit sellers

Like the buses the locals are very unrushed and move as most Pacific Islanders do at island pace. And in this case Cook Island pace takes Island time to another level.


Kayaking Aroa Beach

Scooters though are the most popular form of transport and in the Cook Islands at this time of my visit helmets are not compulsory but my advice would be don’t ride without one.

There is much to do in Rarotonga from Island tours, which give you an insight to Cook Island life, water activities, which includes see through bottom boats, snorkelling/scuba diving, kite surfing, kayaking and fishing trips. For the more adventurous there’re physical tours that take in the tropical hilly centre where hikes take you to lookouts with extraordinary views. Or do what I did and plant myself on each of the beaches we stayed at and baked, (slip, slopped and slapped of course), swam, slept, ate and drank and did it all again.

This month featured resort:

The Sanctuary Rarotonga-On The Beach is perfectly located on Aroa Beach. What makes this hotel such a standout when so many hotels are available is this gorgeous resort is a ‘adults only’ haven.


Sunset cocktails

No happy, crying, screaming kids going nuts around the pool while you’re trying to read, rest and relax and sip late afternoon cocktails.


Hammock heaven

Now don’t get me wrong I love children and right next door is the Rarotongan Resort, which is a family friendly resort.

The Sanctuary has its own private beach and from our beachfront luxury room the post card perfection and exquisite colour of the world famous lagoon ensures that most of your time here is spent involved in water activities.


Rooms with spectacular views

Aroa lagoon has been named the Lagoon of Love and is also one of Rarotonga’s best snorkelling spot, the Aroa Lagoon Marine Reserve.

Indulge yourself in this adults-only, absolute beachfront 4.5 star boutique resort.

Stand up paddling

Kite surfing


Snorkelling/Scuba Diving

Cross-island hikes

Full island tours

Glass bottom boat tours

4 Wheel drive tours

The Te punanga Saturday markets

Night markets Muri Beach

Island bar hopping bus



Vicki Gilden at Rose Bay Travel (02) 9371 8166

This Bali Resort Takes Luxury To A Whole New Level

One of the coolest things you’ll see all season is this hotel in Bali. The part, is that it’s not that pricey, depending on when you stay there. The value for money and sheer “WOW” factor are incredible.

Perched 70 metres above sea level on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsula with unrivalled panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Banyan Tree Ungasan has one of the most amazing spots in the world. From this view, it looks like you’re sitting on top of a tropical paradise.

This is how we like to holiday!

Sunset are special here because of these two amazing things

  • The location of the pool is perfectly aligned with the sunsetting in from a 90 degree angle, so you get the most sunlight from the resort.



  • From inside the resort you can see an extended sunset for 1 hour after ‘dark’




These two features make the sunset’s seem to last for hours and because of the tropical climate, the temperature is perfect for a relaxing event by the pool or a meal where the sunset lasts the entire time. We haven’t found any other place like this in the world. If you’re really into sunsets or ambiance, being strategic about what rooms you book is beneficial here.

From a large majority of their rooms, the sunset is visible, but there are a few rooms where the combination of the deck and pool make it look infinity, and for a three hour sunset, that makes it worth while. Here’s our favorite facing room during the best lighting of the day.



If you’re going on a special holiday, you’ll want to stay in their Honeymoon suite. Here’s why…






As an additional resource, the resort has a ton of things for you to do while visiting.

Check out these luxury couple activities…

  • Eat on the side of a cliff
  • Spa like nowhere else on earth
  • BBQ inside your villa with a private chef
  • Exclusive resort-only photo stops for special occasions
  • Bath set up with oils, champagne and more
  • Balinese yoga at sunset
  • Cliff diving and swimming in the Indian Ocean
  • Have fun at a Moroccan bar
  • East seafood you caught from the Indian ocean


Our favorite is probably the fine dining on the cliff face, or in room BBQ. You can actually have someone come and bring all the supplies and cook for you in your villa, at a reasonable price.



The resort also offers cooking classes, private tours and basically any kind of luxury service you can imagine. If you want to see more, check out their virtual tour. This resort is one of a kind and re-claiming luxury as a personalized experience specifically built for each guest that visits. The villas are tucked away and arranged so it feels like a private retreat.

If you’re wanting to head to Bali, we’ve seen some really great prices from New York, Perth, Sydney and Los Angeles.