Activities in Indonesia, Indonesia

Activities in Indonesia

You can go scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling along many of the coasts around the major islands. Smaller and more remote islands may need special permissions and arrangements. After these activities, you can go for a relaxing spa treatment, with a choice of aromatherapy, massages and traditional Indonesian treatments.

Nightclubs can be found in every major city in the country. There are clubs that are LGBT friendly too, especially in a few metro cities. However, discretion is advised since not all areas are LGBT friendly or welcoming.

Shopping in Indonesia can be a fun experience, especially if you like markets. Most Indonesian cities and towns have multiple large markets that sell everything from vegetables and fruits to condiments, clothes and trinkets. Most major shopping areas and shopping malls are open through the week. While larger shops open by 10am, smaller shops and markets are up and running as early as 6am.

A few things to keep in mind when out and about on the streets of Indonesia:

  • Unless you are making large purchases, only local currency will be accepted, so make sure you carry enough Rupiah at all times.
  • Pickpocketing, chain snatching and robbery of expensive jewelry and electronics is commonplace in crowded places, so ensure you keep such items safe if carrying anything expensive or important.
  • Malls, markets and such areas can get really crowded on weekends, so plan your shopping sprees accordingly.


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