Travel Light this Season


Part of traveling is packing. I’m always packing and unpacking and being in the fashion industry I like to pack outfits, not just pieces, which means that I have serious luggage!

While packing for a recent overseas trip I was dreaming up a dress that would be so versatile that I could replace skirts, tops, dresses and scarfs with this one piece. Imagine how light my suitcase would be, maybe I could fly with carry-on only and skip that wait at the luggage belt.

Armed with scissors, some fabric and my imagination, I cut and made the very first Jetset Dress. This dress became my perfect solution, one piece of clothing, that, with a few accessories, can be worn in a multitude of ways. It has revolutionised the way I pack, and now there is no need to drag heavy suitcases along with me.

After bringing the prototype to my team, we re-engineered the dress to create the very first samples of the Jetset dress with control fabric to slim and shape your body while wearing this product. These days I just don’t go anywhere without my Jetset Dress, it’s small enough to fit in your handbag and it has basically become my travel fashion emergency kit, just slip it on for a quick change.

You can view my Jetset Campaign video and product images here –







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