It’s Summer Somewhere!

Because I love swimwear, and that feeling of being poolside, on a beach or even better….melting in the Sun on a super yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, and because I’m currently dreaming of booking my yearly jaunt to Greece, I am all about those Summer styles. So let’s dream of the sunshine beaming through our Australian winter and think swim.

This season’s trends are simple, we are sheer and chic. Tones of the sunset across a turquoise sea shine through my new ‘Concrete Jungle’ collection that will be released in stores all over the world later this year. Keeping true to my boho vibe, I’ve chosen classic styles and reinterpreted them with a twist featuring high neck one pieces, classic overall style coverups and variated length kaftans.

Trending hot for summer is my personal fave, the classic one piece. Timeless, versatile and ultra flattering, a good one piece will have you looking stylish and put together, while covering any places that need a little coverage. After a swim, simply throw on a kaftan and you’re good to go from beach to casual drinks instantly.

So if you are traveling to the European Summer during our winter, visit our website for inspiration and new styles, and if not, have a look just to warm up!


In Love Again

To all my regular and guests, with winter arriving in Australia I hope you can get away to your favourite Asian or Pacific holiday destination and ‘fall in love again”.



LM paradises

Winter Sydney

To all my regulars and guests. Hope you all had a very relaxing Easter and wishing you all many Pacific and Asian paradise holidays while wearing the latest gorgeous Lisa Maree creations.

We’re getting a little ‘fruity’ here at Lisa Maree with our latest collection!

I created my current collection “Immortal Creatures” using neutrals. Basic black and white featured, in light of the fact that we will be moving onto colours such as Wine, Magenta and Browns for Fall (Autumn). And with transitioning into those cooler months, even though I am a sun chaser and like to follow warmth around the globe living my endless Summer, I’m offering up a few tips for winter dressing as the days start to cool off for you!

My key winter dressing tips are:

– Firstly, turn all of your favourite summer dresses into winter outfits by adding tights and boots, save your pennies for a holiday!

– Then wear a legging underneath your stockings/tights, it darkens the stocking and incredibly makes your legs look thinner!

– Turn your maxi dresses into a skirt by wearing a jumper/t-shirt over the top, you’ll achieve a versatile and effortlessly chic style.

– Wear your dressiest dress with a baseball/trucker cap and converse(sneakers), tie a jacket around your waist and you’ll be able to make most of your night-time dresses day appropriate and chic.

– Layer, layer, layer! By layering your clothes you can create your own runway moment. Add a scarf or a beanie under your fedora to complete the look.

Stay Warm!

Lisa Maree xx

LM_021LM_022 LM_023 LM_024 LM_025



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Fashion for Christmas

It’s that time of year again… Christmas! And with Christmas not only comes presents, puddings and punch but also Christmas parties! Whether it be on the harbour in a fabulous yacht, afternoon cocktails in a swanky bar or a casual laid back BBQ here are some great glam ideas that will get you out the door fast and into the soiree season looking sexy, fabulous and fearless!

1. Overdress rather than Underdress

That’s right you heard me! It’s the Christmas season so lets get merry! Invest in a plain coloured kaftan and dress it up with hot red or pink lips with a bright oversize clutch and sexy wedges for the comfort yet effortlessly chic factor. If you want to dress it down but still look glamourous opt for a crochet mini dress like the one in the pic and team it with a fun tote bag and sandals.

2. Throw on a coverup!

If you’re over wearing the standard ‘party’ dress this season and want to try something different, throw a maxi kaftan on over the top!  Comfortable yet chic, maxi Kaftans can be dressed up or down and are just perfect for a day to night look.  Experiment with different length options, and flats or heels both work with this look.

3. Wear a bikini confidently

Between the christmas pud, champagne and cheese sometimes strolling around in a bikini seems somewhat daunting but please don’t go for the oversize t-shirt! Cover up and look effortless with a full length robe. Crochet, Silk, print or sheer, robes can be worn casually at the beach or dressed up with heels and jewels by the resort side pool.

So this christmas be bold and experiment with colours – Don’t be boring and head straight to your ‘red and greens’ try out turquoises, greens and bright whites – And most importantly wear them with confidence!

Have a safe and sexy Christmas and New Years all!





Much love

Lisa Maree xxxxx


Yacht Weather (Boat Fashion do’s and don’ts)

With summer fast approaching and the weather finally showing some signs of Spring I’ve decided to write a little blog about my recent experiences during the European Summer of 2014, spending most of my free time cruising on a Yacht, one quickly learns the Fashion do’s and don’ts of yacht life.

A little safety first: Cocktails, sunscreen and a boat deck can be an accident waiting to happen. Get travel insurance! It’s a must. Breaking an ankle on a remote island is not the ideal way to spend your vacation. Also keep a little first aid pack on board, little cuts and scrapes are all a part of Yacht living.

First of all, don’t bother with the Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutin’s. No shoes required on board, well actually that’s the general rule….no shoes on boats, so as you can understand, my suitcase size was reduced significantly when I realised that all the high heels could be removed, to be honest, I did leave one pair for evenings out on shore….just in case, although with the quaint Islands and Marinas we frequented, high heels are absolutely not needed, a few pairs of beautiful summer flat sandals is all you’ll need.

Daily living consists of wearing a bikini with a cover up/kaftan. I can absolutely advise that majority of your suitcase should contain swimwear, bikini’s and one pieces as well as an array of kaftan and coverups. Wearing a kaftan over your swimwear as a rule adds sophistication and sexiness, I believe that showing a little less definitely creates more interest than revealing everything. Ladies lets leave something to the imagination. This rule crosses over to pool parties and beach life. A beautiful long open coverup robe adds a sense of style to your look.

At night you might stop in a small bay or a marina and go ashore for dinner, Summer outfits for nights out can be simple and sexy with the gorgeous tan that is rapidly growing from your days on board. Do wear a pop colour, mix it with navy or white to create your perfect look. Don’t wear all black long sleeves, pants or skirts. Black in Summer is just  depressing. Do wear a sexy piece out at night but avoid super tight mini skirts or tank tops, guys like a little mystery, it’s intriguing. Leggings are out, they are not real pants and it’s summer, instead try a maxi dress and some jewelled summer sandals or brightly coloured wedges. And finally our biggest summer shoe no-no, DON’T wear black boots, uggs, crocs (NEVER) or clogs, it’s summer, you’re on a yacht and you are a stylish sophisticated woman.

With these rules in mind, enjoy your summer and your yachting!


Hi there!

I’m currently in Europe, working on the launch of my Flagship Lisa Maree retail boutique over here, and as the weather warms up it fills my soul with pure sunshine. I’m most at home by the water, in a swimsuit and kaftan (Lisa Maree of course) and I think it’s time to depart a little swimsuit advice to you to help you achieve your best swimsuit look possible.

I love to pair my swimsuit with a flowing kaftan. For anyone who is a little self-conscious in a skimpy swimsuit, an open robe/kaftan is the way to go. It adds sophistication and a little mystery, which is always much more sexy that wearing next-to-nothing and you have the added bonus of covering those not so flattering areas.

Choose a swimsuit that suits your shape. I design most of my one pieces with the hour glass shape in mind, this shape gives the illusion of a slim but shapely figure by the cuts in the crochet and the silhouette of the styles. Our one pieces are also great for mums who don’t feel comfortable in a bikini. They are still extremely sexy but also give a sophisticated look while covering the tummy area.

Here are the main body shapes and swimsuits that will suit best, a need-to-know when searching for your perfect suit:

Athletic: Focus on feminine cuts and details. Soften your chest area with cups or padding. Pass on boy-cuts, tanks and bandeaus. Focus on showing off your lower toned half with a tie or embellishment at the hip.

Straight: Avoid bandeau tops and boy-cuts. Wear a one piece, similar to our “Down the Garden Path” crochet suit to add the illusion of curves. Enhance your bust with ruffles or padding, or go skimpy if you dare!

Pear: Wear full coverage bottoms or hipsters. Draw the eye up with cleavage and/or halter straps. Stay away from bright prints on your lower half.

Curvy: Opt for a solid colour or small print. Support your bust with a halter or moulded cup. Stay away from from a small string top and bottom.

And those are my tips for your perfect swimsuit search.

Now here I am in some of my favourite swimwear looks for the season.


Lisa Maree


LM_014 LM_013

LM_012 LM_011



Travel Light this Season

Part of traveling is packing. I’m always packing and unpacking and being in the fashion industry I like to pack outfits, not just pieces, which means that I have serious luggage!

While packing for a recent overseas trip I was dreaming up a dress that would be so versatile that I could replace skirts, tops, dresses and scarfs with this one piece. Imagine how light my suitcase would be, maybe I could fly with carry-on only and skip that wait at the luggage belt.

Armed with scissors, some fabric and my imagination, I cut and made the very first Jetset Dress. This dress became my perfect solution, one piece of clothing, that, with a few accessories, can be worn in a multitude of ways. It has revolutionised the way I pack, and now there is no need to drag heavy suitcases along with me.

After bringing the prototype to my team, we re-engineered the dress to create the very first samples of the Jetset dress with control fabric to slim and shape your body while wearing this product. These days I just don’t go anywhere without my Jetset Dress, it’s small enough to fit in your handbag and it has basically become my travel fashion emergency kit, just slip it on for a quick change.

You can view my Jetset Campaign video and product images here –







A Dream Come True

To all my regular readers and guests of here is my latest  gorgeous Autumn 2014 Collection.

Inspired from ‘Le Jardin Japonais’.  The collection includes a monochrome black & white palette, & highlights of berry red & cobalt blue. Fitted shift dresses, classic feminine  shapes in oriental-inspired prints.







LM paradises

Modern Antiquity

Summer Sun & Summer Fun!

To date my summer has been a whirlwind, flying between Sydney, Los Angeles and Istanbul, I think I’ve racked up more than my fair share of miles! But going from Warm to Hot to then Cold weather is always tricky when it comes to packing especially for those beachside locations where you want to stay stylish, warm and comfortable in what you are wearing.

My summer 2014 Collection entitled “Modern Antiquity” provides you with everything you need to enjoy a fabulous summer, from beach to bar, emanating poolside chic, I have you covered!

Here are some of my summer tips this season!

1. Don’t use summer as an excuse to overexpose. Sometimes the sexiest looks can be created by revealing a little LESS. Yes, less! Leave more to the imagination and wear a one piece, or a kaftan over your swimsuit. This is more glamorous and adds a hint of mystery, both intriguing assets!

2. Wear Whites in Summer. Summer days call for a lighter, effortless look. If white clothing isn’t your thing, accessorise with a white cuff or handbag and match it back with a white pair of espadrilles to complete the look.

3. Maximize your Maxi. Maxi Dresses in Summer are great for day wear and can translate into chic evening wear with the addition of strappy stilettos. They also camouflage any figure flaws and tend to highlight your assets, an absolute wardrobe must-have!

4. Beat Hot & Humid. Are you nervous to wear some of your favourite clothing because of the sweat-factor? Choose linen pants and a flowy top to eliminate any sweat issues, also try a loose fitting kaftan or sundress to avoid those unsightly armpit marks!

5. Ditch your typical bra/underwear for summer and try a crochet one piece under your clothing for that boho chic look. Allow it to peek out and be seen!






Dreaming of the Amalfi Coast

Dear regulars and guests here is my Amalfi Coast summer collection that could easily have been called my Asian and Pacific Islands resort holiday summer collection.

This collection is designed for looking chic and cool while holidaying in paradise.

Hot summers in dreamy day dress, with cotton voiles and printed shorts. Coastal nights that demand colourful frocks and detailed cardigans to be adorned.

Now picture Audrey Hepburn or a young Joan Collins, slightly vintage but still chic with a beguiling street-smart style.

You must be Dreaming of the Amalfi Coast or am I dreaming of