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Summer Sun & Summer Fun!

To date my summer has been a whirlwind, flying between Sydney, Los Angeles and Istanbul, I think I’ve racked up more than my fair share of miles! But going from Warm to Hot to then Cold weather is always tricky when it comes to packing especially for those beachside locations where you want to stay stylish, warm and comfortable in what you are wearing.

My summer 2014 Collection entitled “Modern Antiquity” provides you with everything you need to enjoy a fabulous summer, from beach to bar, emanating poolside chic, I have you covered!

Here are some of my summer tips this season!

1. Don’t use summer as an excuse to overexpose. Sometimes the sexiest looks can be created by revealing a little LESS. Yes, less! Leave more to the imagination and wear a one piece, or a kaftan over your swimsuit. This is more glamorous and adds a hint of mystery, both intriguing assets!

2. Wear Whites in Summer. Summer days call for a lighter, effortless look. If white clothing isn’t your thing, accessorise with a white cuff or handbag and match it back with a white pair of espadrilles to complete the look.

3. Maximize your Maxi. Maxi Dresses in Summer are great for day wear and can translate into chic evening wear with the addition of strappy stilettos. They also camouflage any figure flaws and tend to highlight your assets, an absolute wardrobe must-have!

4. Beat Hot & Humid. Are you nervous to wear some of your favourite clothing because of the sweat-factor? Choose linen pants and a flowy top to eliminate any sweat issues, also try a loose fitting kaftan or sundress to avoid those unsightly armpit marks!

5. Ditch your typical bra/underwear for summer and try a crochet one piece under your clothing for that boho chic look. Allow it to peek out and be seen!







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