Yacht Weather (Boat Fashion do’s and don’ts)


With summer fast approaching and the weather finally showing some signs of Spring I’ve decided to write a little blog about my recent experiences during the European Summer of 2014, spending most of my free time cruising on a Yacht, one quickly learns the Fashion do’s and don’ts of yacht life.

A little safety first: Cocktails, sunscreen and a boat deck can be an accident waiting to happen. Get travel insurance! It’s a must. Breaking an ankle on a remote island is not the ideal way to spend your vacation. Also keep a little first aid pack on board, little cuts and scrapes are all a part of Yacht living.

First of all, don’t bother with the Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutin’s. No shoes required on board, well actually that’s the general rule….no shoes on boats, so as you can understand, my suitcase size was reduced significantly when I realised that all the high heels could be removed, to be honest, I did leave one pair for evenings out on shore….just in case, although with the quaint Islands and Marinas we frequented, high heels are absolutely not needed, a few pairs of beautiful summer flat sandals is all you’ll need.

Daily living consists of wearing a bikini with a cover up/kaftan. I can absolutely advise that majority of your suitcase should contain swimwear, bikini’s and one pieces as well as an array of kaftan and coverups. Wearing a kaftan over your swimwear as a rule adds sophistication and sexiness, I believe that showing a little less definitely creates more interest than revealing everything. Ladies lets leave something to the imagination. This rule crosses over to pool parties and beach life. A beautiful long open coverup robe adds a sense of style to your look.

At night you might stop in a small bay or a marina and go ashore for dinner, Summer outfits for nights out can be simple and sexy with the gorgeous tan that is rapidly growing from your days on board. Do wear a pop colour, mix it with navy or white to create your perfect look. Don’t wear all black long sleeves, pants or skirts. Black in Summer is just  depressing. Do wear a sexy piece out at night but avoid super tight mini skirts or tank tops, guys like a little mystery, it’s intriguing. Leggings are out, they are not real pants and it’s summer, instead try a maxi dress and some jewelled summer sandals or brightly coloured wedges. And finally our biggest summer shoe no-no, DON’T wear black boots, uggs, crocs (NEVER) or clogs, it’s summer, you’re on a yacht and you are a stylish sophisticated woman.

With these rules in mind, enjoy your summer and your yachting!


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