How to dress when the temperature is soaring…!

Hi to all my regulars and guests.

Planning your outfit every morning is hard enough on a normal day, however when the temperature is soaring and you are expecting to turn into a frizzed, bloated, sweaty mess in the midst of the day, the job becomes 100% harder.

The idea is to gain the maximum amount of “breeziness” in your outfit, starting with your shoes. Opt for a comfortable and chic open toed sandal but make sure they are broken-in and don’t pinch, blisters are not conducive to an effortless look.

The most important rule for that blistering heat and one that is often dismissed is, bigger is better. Try a loose kaftan or shirt as pictured (our Lisa Maree Symbol of Simplicity cotton Kaftan in black), this will allow the air to circulate, a tight crop or shorts tend to add to the sweat factor.

Sweat stains, the elephant in the room. Avoid sweat stains by wearing a mesh cotton or a style with low scoop arms, like our “Escape the Truth” crochet one piece swimsuit under a pair of pants or shorts. The knit won’t show any sweat and the open back will give you an overall coolness from the top down. Always opt for darker colours, to hide the shvitz!

Layering. It may seem like a winter option, however layering in summer is actually key. We’ve done so in the below image in all white using our ‘Escape the Truth’ crochet one piece. Layering allows movement, in summer your’ll find one piece will stick and tug and you’ll be constantly counter-tugging and adjusting your outfit. Layering allows movement and also the option of removing layers if need be.

Natural Fibres! Anything synthetic will start the sweat. Stick to cotton and natural fibres that are on the loose side to allow your body to breathe and add movement.

Swim tops are made to keep you cool! When the thermometer is rising use a swim top as a bustier or crop paired back with a high waist skirt or pants. It’s not work appropriate but on a casual date night or a weekend hang, this can be an incredibly smart option!

Lisa Maree

CEO & Founder



My Winter Accessory Must-Haves

To all my regulars and guests. Here’s some very savvy travelling tips to get you to your favourite resort looking extremely ’tres chic’.

My Winter Accessory Must-Haves :

  • Fedora
    Although a hat might not be at the forefront of your mind when thinking of winter must have’s, a fedora is a great way to keep warm without sacrificing on style with the added plus of allowing you to get an extra day out of your blow-dry, and to top that off, your outfit will look completely put together.
  • Boots!
    Whether it be over the knee boots, or ankle boots; boots are the perfectly chic shoe for winter. Dressed up or down, they are so versatile, your toes will be warm and cosy and you can pair them with jeans and a jumper, or a dress them up with a mini skirt or knitted jumper dress.
  • Scarves.
    Scarves can be styled a countless amount of ways and add that finishing touch to any outfit. Wrap them multiple times around your neck or throw them over your shoulder for effortlessly chic look.
  • Chic Rainboots
    It is the season to now get away with wearing rain boots as a fashion statement, I mean the Hunters and Ralph Laurens, not Grandpas Gumboots. Rainboots are now available in different shaft heights, colours and patterns. And when the weather gets wild, you won’t have to worry about ruining your best shoes!
  • Leather Gloves.
    Stylish and warm, leather gloves are a must have for winter. Go for a soft leather in a tan or camel, I tend to steer away from the bulky black leather gloves which look more like a functional motorbiking accessory than a fashionable add-on. Try to look for a glove that fits snugly for both warmth while keeping your look on point.

Here is our Lisa Maree Resort 2017 Campaign, a perfect time to start thinking of Spring and the new swimsuits that you need to get your hands on!



If packing for a trip is your worst nightmare, never fear. I have some tips and tricks for traveling in style. Grab your cute carry-on, put on a silk scarf, and get ready to take off!

  • The perfect little white dress is a must-have for any tropical destination. A textured fabric like lace or crochet is a great option because it doesn’t wrinkle as easily as cotton or silk.
  • I always roll my clothes instead of folding them because it decreases the amount of possible wrinkles as well as saves space in my suitcase.
  • A super secret of mine and something I ALWAYS do before a trip is to take an iPhone photo of each outfitI’m bringing, in order to easily chose my outfits each day and night, simply by flicking through the photos. This also helps avoid over-packing.
  • Be sure to pack shoes and accessories that can be worn with multiple outfits. Pack bold accessories like statement necklaces or scarves to update your look.
  • Always pack a cotton or cashmere scarf. On the plane, I use mine as a sleep mask or you can use this as a blanket for your children. It can even be used as a sarong in warm-weather destinations.

And of course, this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway…..Bikini’s, swimwear & resort wear. When you are traveling to a tropical destination, beach going is key and I tend to spend majority of my time in a swimsuit. I usually take a minimum of 5 swimsuits, some more practical for swimming and sunbaking and others with a fashionable edge for beach bars and poolside cocktail sipping. Always remember to take a versatile cover-up which can be worn over swimsuits and doubles as kaftan over a night outfit like our ‘One Before Eight’ maxi robe shown in the images below.


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Stay safe & always have fun!