Sabah’s Cuisine, Sabah

Sabah’s Cuisine

The flavorful cuisine of Sabah packs in the mixed influence of Malay, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and other Asian cuisines. The street food has Western influences as well, making Sabah a great place to eat for tourists from around the world. Food is in fact, a major attraction in Sabah and must not be ignored.

Specialties include Ngiu Chap or Beef Noodle, Sheng Rou Mian, Tom Yam Noodles, Char Siu or BBQ Pork Rice, Kam Hiong Hai or Chili Crab, Laksa Noodles, Beef Brisket Noodles, Roti Kahwin, Air Batu Campur, Beaufort Noodles, Pork Dumpling, Seafood Noodles, Custard Bun, Creamy Buttered Crab, Fish Head Noodles and Coconut Pudding.


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