Philippines Culture, Philippines

Philippines Culture

With Tagalog being the national language, the Philippines practice nearly 150 other dialects and languages. The Filipinos have their family roots from all around the world, from Middle Eastern Sufis to Chinese traders, Spanish conquistadors, Malay settlers, and more. It’s diverse heritage, can in a way be attributed to its rich culture, of which hospitality seems to be a common thread. The warm Filipino hospitality is unmissable even in ram-shackled barrio homes. Another thing that the Filipinos take very seriously is entertainment. The vibrant fiestas that occur here are a testament to this tradition.

The countryside locals are especially known for their hospitality and generous spirit, although they may appear shy at first. They invite strangers and tourists to feasts during these fiestas without a second thought, even if it means spending all savings or running into debt in many cases. You will find that the geography hugely dominates the different groups and culture in the Philippines, such as the warm Visayans in the central islands, religious Muslims in Mindanao, frugal Ilocanos in the north and so on. A huge majority (83 percent) of the population are Roman Catholics, which is different from the dominant Buddhism influences in the remaining parts of Southeast Asia.


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