Sightseeing in Hong Kong, Asia

Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its tall buildings and one-of-kind activities for tourists. The most popular attractions include:
Victoria Peak Tower: Commonly called just “The Peak”, the tower is stylish, entertaining and thrilling to say the least. It is home to The Sky Terrace – city’s highest 360-degree viewing platform, among other fascinating things.

Ozone Bar, Ritz-Carlton: The highest bar in the world, Ozone sits on the 118th floor of the building and offers unmissable views of the vibrant city.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center: The building is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in Hong Kong. If you have watched the Jackie Chan starred New Police Story, you may remember the center from the epic finale of the movie. When there, be sure to visit the Golden Bauhinia Square as well.×201.jpg

In addition, Hong Kong’s local markets, temples, and gardens offer great experiences that are characteristic of Hong Kong. Popular attractions include:

Local Markets – Temple Street Night Market and Cat Street for jade, antiques, and bric-a-brac; Ladies’ Market for inexpensive souvenirs and Stanley Market for the more premium ones. The Fa Yuen Street Market and Jade Market for some authentic Hong Kong-style shopping.

Temples – The Big Buddha and Wong Tai Sin Temple are two of Hong Kong’s most popular destinations for tourists who would like to make prayers while in the city.

Gardens – Nan Lian and Chi Lin Nunnery, two spectacular gardens right in the middle of soaring skyscrapers are ideal for some peaceful reflection and introspection. The Hong Kong Wet Land Park, though not technically a garden, is another calm and serene destination that will get you thinking.


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