Singapore Transportation, Singapore

Singapore Transportation

The public transport system in Singapore is efficient, fast and you will reach your destination quickly sans any fuss.

The MRT ( an acronym for mass rapid transit) is the quickest way to travel around the city. The comprehensive system of railway tracks mean you can visit a majority of the city state’s attractions by train alone. Almost all attractions are either besides or simply a short walk away from a train station. Tickets can be bought for single rides but tourists are advised to buy the Singapore Tourist Pass permitting you to unrestricted travel for a period of one day. Trains and platforms are visually impaired and wheel chair friendly.

Take a taxi if you do not want to board the train or the bus. Taxis go by the meter, but there can be a surcharge based on the destination and amounts set by the taxi company itself. You can hail a taxi all over Singapore and ask for a receipt at the end of your trip. You can also dial the call centers for a taxi to be sent to you.

Bus routes cover every nook and cranny of Singapore and is the cheapest. This mode of public transportation is also very scenic. You can pay the bus fare using the Singapore Tourist Pass or the EZ-Link card.


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