Oahu’s Cuisine, Oahu

Oahu’s Cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine is a mix of the local, Chinese and Japanese style of cuisines and cooking methods. Most of the snacks and food items are unique to Hawaii, so make sure you try as many as you can on your visit.

You can buy shrimp from the many highway trucks for an inexpensive yet tasty meal. A plate lunch is the most common local meal which includes either fish or meat, two scoops of rice and a pasta salad. A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast, which is an elaborate buffet with entertainment like hula dancers and local music.

A few local specialties that you should not miss trying are, Lomi salmon, an island salsa, Haupia, a coconut milk based dessert, Ahi, season and cut raw fish, shaved ice in your choice of flavor is great to beat the heat and Saimin, the local noodle soup. Snacks include dried salted plums, dried seafood, dried and picked fruits and macadamia nuts. Beer is the most common drink, with locally brewed varieties available.


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