Exploring Papeete, Papeete

Exploring Papeete

When early explorers first landed on this island, it was close to Papeete and realised that the place has a bay that is a natural harbor and is perfect for big boats and ships. Today, Papeete is a major harbor and port in the region.

The waterfront has been renovated to make a long walkway and promenade. Evenings are quite pleasant here with the sea breeze blowing in, and is a great time to go for a walk and enjoy the waterfront views.

The Black Pearl Museum located town is very interesting and you can see some beautiful pearls on display. The region is known for its natural black pearls and the museum gives information to those who wish to know more or buy these beautiful pearls from the various shops in the town.

Near PK8 hill, there is an observation deck which acts as a viewpoint for panoramic views of the town and the surrounding waterfront.


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