Travelling Tips to Tahiti, Islands of Tahiti

Travelling Tips to Tahiti

Tourists are advised to contact the office of the French Consulates in their country to obtain all necessary information regarding visa and passport when planning a trip to Tahiti.

Apart from European Union nationals and foreigners with a ten-year metropolitan France residence card, it is imperative for travelers to buy their return ticket. Alternatively, repatriation bonds could also be paid for upon arrival.

The tropical destination of French Polynesia receives plenty of the sunshine and just the right amount of rain for its thriving vegetation and colorful flowers. The temperatures in Tahiti typically range from 24 degrees C to 30 degrees C throughout the year. Lagoon water temperature is usually between 23 degrees C and 26 degrees C.

May to October is broadly considered as the ‘high’ time to visit Tahiti, during which you will experience milder temperatures and lesser rain showers. Humidity is also low and divers enjoy better visibility.

The Austral winter or dry season starts April and ends in October. There is unexpected coolness in the weather during these months. August and July are the best months as the southeast trade-winds blow in Tahiti. So you could move out early morning or evening wearing just a thin cotton sweater.


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