Paranuii Resort


Paranuii Resort, Pohnpei

Paranuii Resort

Paranuii Island has opened to tourism and the new Paranuii Resort offers well-appointed overwater bungalows in a stunning location for both locals and tourists seeking an exclusive getaway.

Bungalows are furnished with a queen or king size bed plus futons. Meals can be prepared and cooked in the bungalows’ well-equipped kitchenettes, or at convenient BBQ areas until the completion of the resort’s Teppanyaki Grill and Coffee Bar Pavilion.

Paranuii Resort features bungalows that stretch out into the surrounding azure lagoon so guests can enjoy taking a dip in the crystal clear water at their doorstep. The main appeal of the island is the many shallow sandy areas, as beautiful beaches form at low tide, making it ideal for swimming as well as stingray-watching. In addition, the Namwen Nahnningi Stingray Sanctuary is within a short distance of the island.

Island of joy
Known formerly – and still by many – as Nahnningi which means Joy Island, Paranuii is one of Pohnpei’s most popular picnic spots and visitors can also avail themselves of refreshing local waterfalls.

Kiteboarding and canoeing are popular activities and there’s good snorkelling and SCUBA diving along the outer reef and at a small channel near close by Mall Island, which has a prehistoric stone tomb located at its north end. Being square in shape, the Paranuii Island is believed by most archaeologists to be man-made and constructed during the Nan Madol Period. Visitors can take in the historical atmosphere at Paranuii Resort as well as enjoy the abundant natural attractions.

Explore the prehistoric
For the more adventurous who want to explore some ruins, not far from Paranuii and linked to Pohnpei’s southeast coast by a short causeway is the large volcanic island of Temwen, famous for the awe-inspiring ruins of Nan Madol itself, off its coast— a megalithic complex on par with Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat.

A prehistoric ‘city’ of more than 90 man-made islets, Nan Madol features large, complex structures comprised of stones as heavy as 90 tons. The islets were a major political and spiritual hub for native Pohnpeians. Between 1200 and 1700 CE, the city served as a religious centre, a royal enclave, a fortress, an urban marketplace, and the high seat of government for the island of Pohnpei.

Nan Madol has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and on the List of World Heritage in Danger, and a wide range of exciting outdoor activities is available. Whether looking for adventure or luxury relaxation, visitors are spoilt for choice at Paranuii Resort.

Paranuii Resort
Paranuii Island, Pohnpei FSM 96941
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