Unforgetable Yap’s Activities, Yap

Unforgetable Yap’s Activities

The dancing and clubbing in Yap is confined to resorts and hotels. But there is plenty to do in Yap other than such indoor activities. There are many organized activities for kids such as Kids Sea Camp (28h June to 5th July). Family packages include marine life conservation lectures, scuba diving lessons, cultural trips and the likes. Every year on the 1st of March, islanders celebrate Yap Day, which can be a feast for kids and families as it is a big cultural extravaganza. In June, they celebrate Homecoming and in November, there is a Canoe festival.

Go for island tours and see the famed Yap money. This circular stone money disks were once used as a means of exchange and now can be found all over the island. There are beautiful beaches where families can enjoy Pacific waters in all of its glory. You can take a picnic basket to the beach, swim in the sea and simply enjoy the bliss found in this gorgeous island of Yap.


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