Essentials item that must be brought when you visit Samoa, Samoa

Essentials item that must be brought when you visit Samoa

If you are in possession of a valid passport, you are entitled to a 30-day visa-free visit to Samoa. Furthermore, if you are from the Schengen region, then you can stay for 90 days. You can receive a visitor’s permit on arrival in Samoa for a period of 60 days – there are, of course, a bunch of conditions that need to be met. While arriving and leaving, you have to submit arrival and departure declarations. The local currency is called Tala. It is illegal to partake in business transactions in any currency other than the Tala. Samoa has tropical climate with average temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) around the year; October to March is the rainy season and the rest of the year is the dry season.

It should be noted that some travellers experience an allergic reaction to Kava. There has also been a Chikungunya outbreak in Samoa in January 2015. While Malaria does not exist in the country, Dengue fever does. Protecting yourself from mosquito bites, therefore, is essential. You can find one hospital in Savai’i (in Tuasivi) and two hospitals in Apai.


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