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Activities in Visayas

If you want to go shopping, there is no better spot than Cebu City. It is where merchants from all over the region congregates. The Visayas have also some excellent places for trekking. Osmena Peak which is the highest point on Cebu is well known as a trekkers’ paradise.

You can also go on a trip to the waterfalls at Mambukal Mountain Resort. There are actually seven waterfalls here so walking to this place will really test your stamina. Biliran Island also has some magnificent waterfalls.

All in all, the Visayas are a good place to visit outside Manila if you are visiting the Philippines. The place is easy on the pocket and is full of wonderful and exotic thrills.

Cuisine in Visayas

Visayan cuisine is very simple. If you want to be free of processed food or artificial flavors/chemicals in your food, then Visayan food is for you. Dishes like binignit which is a yam snack in coconut milk, sinugba which is barbecued and spiced meat or fish and seafood kinilaw will have you licking your fingers in delight.

There are many islands in the Visayas and that is why there are so many variety in the Visayan cuisine; it is an amalgamation of different cultures. Visayan food is also low on spices which means everyone can enjoy it without reaching for a glass of water or coke after every bite.


Explore Visayas

The Visayas have a number of tourist attractions that will surely appeal to children. Guimara Island is a must visit if you plan to do some island hopping. The Visayas are also known well known for their diving spots. Camotes Island, Balicasag, Mactan, Malapascua and MoalBoal are especially famous.

Have your kids ever camped on a beach? If they have not, this is your chance. With its secluded atmosphere, white pristine sands and clean surroundings, Canigao Island near Leyte is the perfect place for beach camping. Just don’t forget to pack some camping gear because there isn’t any available here.

Bocaray is popular with diving enthusiasts but that is not not all. Another well known attraction on the island is zorb riding (you enter a transparent rubber ball which is later sealed and rolled off a hill). Children and young at hearts will love this activity.

Another exciting activity to do in Bocaray is helmet diving. Helmet diving is an advanced version of scuba diving where you have to wear a helmet (like an astronaut). The helmet improves your vision underwater and you can see the fishes and corals more dynamically.