Ubud, the cultural sanctuary located surrounding heavenly temples and picturesque paddy fields, is where local and international artists called it home.

Tourists coming to Bali aregreeted with the island’s local charm and pampered with anendless variety of attractions –all guaranteed to make the most of your stay here on the Island of Gods, from beach strolling fun and great shopping bargain to cultural excitement. And Ubud is where you should visit to get the island’s spiritual vibe. Contrary to the always busy Kuta and Denpasar, it boasts unspoiled country side with the hoopla as created by the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love. Don’t miss cultural performances and attractions, usually held in beautiful temples, art centers and local theaters. Aside from the presence of art galleries, you will also find an interesting array of restaurants, bars and cafes and streets of shops selling goods from local artisans. All in all, Ubud is where it preserves local culture while opening its doors to foreign visitors.

Where is Ubud?

Ubud’s central location is quite convenient for tourists to go visit the mountainsand other places of interest on the island, such as beaches and shopping and entertainment centers. Dubbed the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud is home to local galleries, art museums and luxury accommodations.

How to get there?

Ubud is a 60-minutedrive from NgurahRai International Airport, located on the slopes of Bali’s central mountainous region.

What to find in Ubud?

Ubud is a highly recommended destination for art enthusiasts. Endless galleries are stretching from east to west, running from Peliatan cross roads all the way to Sayan. This is where you can expect to find unusual facades as well as Balinese fabrics, carvings, jewellery and paintings.

Art museums are also among most popular destinations here. Museum PuriLukisan, Antonio Blanco Museum, Neka Art Museum are just to name a few of art museums you can explore in Ubud – exhibiting rich varieties of artworks, from paintings to sculptures and other worth seeing masterpieces.
Saraswati temple is one must-visit site. This artistically magnificenttemple is dedicated to honor the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning, literature and art. Entering inside the temple, your eyes will be feasted on the beautiful water garden with lotus pond at the center.

Other tourist attractions are Monkey Forest Sanctuary and PuraDalemAgung(Great Temple of the Death). The former is the home to dozens of macaque monkeys. Some are mischievous, but they are actually funny and entertaining. Just explore the forest and befriend them. There are several sacred sites in the forest related to the Balinese Hindu belief. Pura Dalem Agung is one of them. Literally meaning Great Temple of the Death, the temple is dedicated to the goddess of death, Durga.

As Ubud is also known for its peaceful mood, therefore holiday in Bali should also include staying in one of the available luxury hotels which offer spa treatments and healthy retreats with stunning view. Indeed, Ubud is known for its plethora of spas offering varieties of modern and traditional spa treatments. Karma Spa, Lembah Spa, Reflexology Bali are some of the popular spa venues. Try any of the traditional treatments on the menu from any of these venues. They are really good and complement your holiday on the island.

Where to Stay?

Royal Pita Maha Hotel was built using the traditional Balinese design methods, meaning the resort is fully integrated to its surrounding. Overlooking the Ayung River, the accommodation was built and is managed by Ubud’s royal family. If art is the reason of you staying in Ubud, this hotel regularly invites local artists and dancers to perform on its open-air stage and at in-house art gallery. FuramaXclusive Villas and Spa Ubud is another nice alternative. A 30-minute-drive from Denpasar, FuramaXclusive Villas and Spa is located in BanjarBindu. This place is fit for those seeking to stay within the tranquil area, but requiring an instant access to the city. But if you’re in the town for yoga, spa and romantic dining, you may want to consider Viceroy Bali.The place offers such facilities, and is also conveniently situated within minutes from the town center.

When to Visit?

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is one annual event held in Ubud, usually taking place in October. The event gathers writers around the world with such activities as book launches, cultural programs and others related to the festival. Ubud can be crowded when international festivals are held or during holiday seasons. Regardless of the month you visit, Ubud never lost touch with the spirit of a close and pleasant rural community. If you miss the beach, Nusa Dua or Sanur can be easily reached within an hour or so.

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